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African Print Bunting

No matter how careful we are with waste, I think anyone who sews or uses fabrics, is inevitably still left with smaller pieces of fabric. I cannot bear to throw any of it away, so they mount up.

I imagine this is where quilters come into their own and there are of course a wealth of scrap busting projects available. This project started as a little birthday gift for a friend and there just happened to be enough to make myself one too!

As my leftover fabrics were quite small, I make 'mini' bunting flags instead and I also squared off the ends to make them a little different from the traditional triangle. My template measured 3 inches wide at top and 2 inches at the bottom and 3.5 inches high. I just cut and cut lots of pieces with the fabric I had. I then paired them up, so they were double sided. The three sides were sewn (right sides together) with a narrow seam allowance, leaving the top section open for turning.

Before turning, I trimmed the seam allowance a little and clipped the corners. They were then all turned and pressed with an iron. I then used 1 inch wide bias tape folded (and pressed) in half. 3.5 metres of bunting accommodated approx 35 pieces of bunting about 2 cm spaced apart, but you can obviously play with the spacing however you like. I then pinned them to the binding (folding the binding over the top edges) and sewed right along encasing the raw edges and joining them to the binding.

They make a colourful addition to our garden fence for summer or as party decoration for birthdays and events.

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