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Collaged Still Life

Updated: Apr 10

If you've ever tried collaging, then you will quickly find that its incredibly addictive (at least I find it so). There is something quite exciting about using and reimagining papers and textures in a different way. It gets the creative juices flowing and its simple and easy to get started (just find an old magazine and get cutting and sticking)!

I love printmaking in all its forms, and have produced lino, collagraph and screen prints in the past. Given that you rarely get a 'perfect' print, I had a drawer full of odd and ends that didn't quite work out, but I couldn't quite throw away either.

So, on a particularly cold, rainy morning, I decided to re-purpose them into some little cards. I didn't have a grand plan, I just used shapes and forms that I had in front of me and things kind of developed. Basically, it was just lovely to get completely lost in something for a couple of hours.

Here are the 4 little cards that I made.

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