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Collagraph printing

Updated: Apr 26

I attended a 5 week collagraph printing course. Admittedly, I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this method as much as other printmaking techniques, but I was pleasantly surprised. This technique involves building up different layers onto a printing plate - using textured papers, leaves, fabric, string, glue - anything that gives the plate a low relief texture. When inked and rubbed back, the different textures produce some interesting results as they take on different amounts of ink. It's a messy and long process, but one that really gets you immersed and excited to see the final result. In my mind, making up the plate is as enjoyable (and nice to look at) as the finished print itself. Once you start, you can't look at anything without thinking that they'd make a nice texture to print from! Here were my results. Not sure I'll be attempting it again at home, but would consider attending another course if I am lucky enough to.

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