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Lino Cut Christmas Cards

Updated: Apr 26

I wanted to have a stab at making some Christmas cards this year, but I didn't quite have anything in mind! Doesn't the creative process always work like that? I began by making some drawings of winter foliage up close - berries on ivy, fern, honesty & a pine cone and placed them in circles. As always, I really enjoyed cutting the lino (I used soft cut lino here).

When I came to print them, I couldn't quite make them work as I had in my mind (again, its always better in my mind)! However, with a bit of experimentation and playing around I ended up hand printing them (like stamps) over some backgrounds i'd made with 'brusho' powders.

I then cut them down to size, which made them more abstract and I preferred that, added some text too with letter stamps. I got there in the end! Merry Christmas.

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